Color Diaries: Blue

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about the color yellow is the sun. You feel that sense of warmth and happiness, like the joy you get when you think of a sunny day. It is an energizing color and it is one you can't ignore. 

Interestingly, yellow is the easiest color for the human eye to process and it is why it captures our attention so quickly. This is why you see it used in marketing and on signage where you want your message to be noticed immediately. 

Color Meanings

Positive Associations

Calm, confidence, unity, harmony, cool, tranquil, soothing, trustworthiness, dependable, credible, open, serene, secure, reliable and loyal

Negative Associations

Cold, lonely, sad and forlorn
* Interestingly, blue is one of the colors that have the least amount of negative associations

Psychology of Yellow in Branding

Yellow grabs your attention and stimulates your mind. It shows that you are a bold, optimistic and confident brand. If you have a happy brand than yellow is the perfect brand color.

Care Crates brand design by Spruce Rd

The Care Crates brand design by Spruce Rd is a great example of how to use yellow. It is a bright and happy design. I love the brand pattern and how it includes the phrase “spread sunshine together” – makes the use of yellow as a brand color even better.

The Oyster Inn brand design

All the details in this brand design make me smile – between the yellow stripe pattern, the scalloped edges and the playful lettering this design is brimming with happiness. The use of yellow really helps with making The Oyster Inn brand feel like a happy brand.

Positive Energy brand design by Fuzzco

Using yellow for the Positive Energy brand by Fuzzco was a smart choice. Yellow exudes positivity and what better way to subtly enforce that feeling than using this optimistic color. It helps the brand stand out in a field that is filled with green brand colors.

Exploring Blue

Playing with the color blue in my own designs. I’ll be adding more throughout the month.

More Inspiration

For more inspiring blue images, check out my inspiration boards on Pinterest – Blue, Light Blue and Navy