Brightside Creative Solutions

Brightside Creative Solutions is a digital marketing firm who offers a personalized experience to creating and implementing your business's digital marketing strategy. They came to me for a brand refresh, because they felt that their branding was dull and disconnected to their brand vision.

Their new branding is now playful and energetic. The brand colors along with the various brand patterns reflect the infectious enthusiasm that Brightside has working with their clients.

Read more about the process behind designing the Brightside brand.

Brightside Creative Solutions branding by Pace Creative Design Studio

The Happy Client

Holly Lane

Brightside Creative Solutions

“The brand elements Jennifer created PERFECTLY captured who we were. She gave us brand patterns that we are able to use on many of our new collateral. The whole process was smooth and done in a timely manner. We cannot recommend working with her enough! As a digital marketing company we know the value of a brand and are so happy to have a partner in someone like Jennifer who understands that as well.”