Embrace Your Passion

Dear America...

Understanding by Pace Creative Design Studio

Today I woke up devastated, bitter and ashamed of being an American. I woke up to a world I don't recognize – one where hate won. A place where people seem to be okay with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and sexual assault. My spirit is crushed.

But tomorrow I will wake up with an open mind and an open heart. I will once again wake up being proud to be an American. Because even if you aren't feeling the way I am right now, doesn't mean your feelings don't matter. I will make it my mission to listen to everyone's frustrations, fears and concerns. Tomorrow will be about understanding.

The next day will be about action. I'm going to do what I do best – work hard. Work hard for what I believe in. Stand up for people who feel like they have no voice. To live passionately and honor everyone's differences. I will not let hate stand in my way! I will not stop working hard to make a difference in this world.

It is time to listen to each other and come together to talk respectfully about our differences. We need to look at each other as humans, who deep down all want the same thing – to be loved for who they are.

Community Over Competition

Community over Competition by Pace Creative Design Studio

If you are a designer like me, especially one that runs your own business, you’ve quickly realized that the market is saturated with other creatives doing exactly what you do. Most mornings I scroll through Instagram and I see the endless posts from extremely talented designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. Sometimes that little voice in the back of my mind creeps up. I begin to hear the dreaded insecurities like “I’ll never be that good” or “you’re crazy to think you can do this.” I have to remind myself not to think like that, because insecurities will be your downfall.

That’s where community comes in. This past week, I immersed myself not only in the Phoenix design community but I also pushed myself and joined in on The Rising Tide Instagram challenge. Here is what I learned:

Build Each Other Up
It’s hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. Once you get involved in a community you will quickly find people that will encourage you, give you advice and genuinely want you to do well.

Learn From Each Other
Make authentic connections by sharing your passions and your knowledge. Help each other out, because it is easier to learn from others than trying to completely recreate the wheel.

Know That You Are Not Alone
Don't do this by yourself. The most important thing about community over competition is the feeling you get when you realize you are not alone in your struggles and your successes.

Let Go of Your Fear
People’s biggest fear with making connections with other like minded business owners is that they are going to steal their clients or their ideas. That is a limited way of thinking. When you open up and make authentic relationships you will begin to see your business thrive on many levels.

“Community over competition is competition rightly ordered–it’s putting relationships before opportunity. It’s an understanding that the best businesses serve others.”@daveytjonesy

Not only can this be applied to the creative community, but the theory behind community over competition can be practiced by all businesses. I truly believe everyone should take a step in that direction.

Community Over Competition by Pace Creative Design Studio

I challenge you reach out to three new people in your community this next month. Grab coffee or lunch and find out more about their passions. Learn about their struggles and genuinely find ways you can help each other.

Once you’ve made this effort, tell me what you learned. Let’s talk about what happened when you made a conscious effort to believe in community over competition.

Open Letter

Dear fellow dreamers, business owners and entrepreneurs,

If there is only one thing you need to know about me, it is this – I believe great design explains your passion.

great design explains your passion by Pace Creative Design Studio

Design isn’t just about making something pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I have a love for beautiful typography, patterns, colors, and illustration. I have the Pinterest boards to prove those obsessions. The truth is that design can be so much more. Design can tell your story. It can create emotion. It can reveal your beliefs, your values and your passion. That is what inspires me.

My journey as a designer started at an early age. I was definitely labeled as the creative. My parents were even told that I was “advanced in coloring” in preschool. My fuel came from my parents instilling a strong work ethic in me and fostering my creativity by signing me up for art, creative writing and performing art classes and camps.

I get creatively motivated by painting, drawing or creating patterns. My ultimate drive comes from following my dreams which thrives because of my passion. Today marks a year since I began a new journey in my career. It was time for me to leave my mark on the world. I craved the need to make a bigger impact and help more passionate business owners with my design skills. I trusted my gut and made the leap back to working for myself. The biggest thing I’ve learned as a business owner and creative entrepreneur is that you can’t do it alone. I couldn’t do it without my family, my friends, my fellow creatives and my clients. Collaboration is key. You have to collaborate in all facets of your life. No matter if you are my friend or my client, I need to know everything about your ideas, your passions, your business and more. Together we can explore what is truly meaningful and I do it through design.

Today, well-designed logos, websites and collateral are must-haves. Thoughtful brands understand these are not boxes to check but opportunities to inspire. That is where I come in. Design is my passion and I’m here to help. I make creative design happen for your business with a collaborative, logical and artful approach that reflects your passion and adds goodness to the world.

It’s time to leave your mark.

I want to hear from you. So drop me an email and share your passion. Tell me what drives your business. Most importantly, share with me that one visual thing about your business that is the least expressive of your passion for your work. Why? Because, I believe great design explains your passion.