work hard

Dear America...

Understanding by Pace Creative Design Studio

Today I woke up devastated, bitter and ashamed of being an American. I woke up to a world I don't recognize – one where hate won. A place where people seem to be okay with racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and sexual assault. My spirit is crushed.

But tomorrow I will wake up with an open mind and an open heart. I will once again wake up being proud to be an American. Because even if you aren't feeling the way I am right now, doesn't mean your feelings don't matter. I will make it my mission to listen to everyone's frustrations, fears and concerns. Tomorrow will be about understanding.

The next day will be about action. I'm going to do what I do best – work hard. Work hard for what I believe in. Stand up for people who feel like they have no voice. To live passionately and honor everyone's differences. I will not let hate stand in my way! I will not stop working hard to make a difference in this world.

It is time to listen to each other and come together to talk respectfully about our differences. We need to look at each other as humans, who deep down all want the same thing – to be loved for who they are.