Community Over Competition

Community over Competition by Pace Creative Design Studio

If you are a designer like me, especially one that runs your own business, you’ve quickly realized that the market is saturated with other creatives doing exactly what you do. Most mornings I scroll through Instagram and I see the endless posts from extremely talented designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. Sometimes that little voice in the back of my mind creeps up. I begin to hear the dreaded insecurities like “I’ll never be that good” or “you’re crazy to think you can do this.” I have to remind myself not to think like that, because insecurities will be your downfall.

That’s where community comes in. This past week, I immersed myself not only in the Phoenix design community but I also pushed myself and joined in on The Rising Tide Instagram challenge. Here is what I learned:

Build Each Other Up
It’s hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. Once you get involved in a community you will quickly find people that will encourage you, give you advice and genuinely want you to do well.

Learn From Each Other
Make authentic connections by sharing your passions and your knowledge. Help each other out, because it is easier to learn from others than trying to completely recreate the wheel.

Know That You Are Not Alone
Don't do this by yourself. The most important thing about community over competition is the feeling you get when you realize you are not alone in your struggles and your successes.

Let Go of Your Fear
People’s biggest fear with making connections with other like minded business owners is that they are going to steal their clients or their ideas. That is a limited way of thinking. When you open up and make authentic relationships you will begin to see your business thrive on many levels.

“Community over competition is competition rightly ordered–it’s putting relationships before opportunity. It’s an understanding that the best businesses serve others.”@daveytjonesy

Not only can this be applied to the creative community, but the theory behind community over competition can be practiced by all businesses. I truly believe everyone should take a step in that direction.

Community Over Competition by Pace Creative Design Studio

I challenge you reach out to three new people in your community this next month. Grab coffee or lunch and find out more about their passions. Learn about their struggles and genuinely find ways you can help each other.

Once you’ve made this effort, tell me what you learned. Let’s talk about what happened when you made a conscious effort to believe in community over competition.