Pace Creative Design Studio is an individually run studio based in Arizona specializing in brand design and surface design.


The designer behind Pace Creative

about Jennifer

Jennifer Pace Duran
Designer & Founder

If there is only one thing you need to know about me, it is this — I believe great design expresses your passion.

I created Pace Creative Design Studio to help passionate people and businesses make an impact with design. Today, everything from your branding down to the designs of the products you buy reveal who you truly are. That is where I come in. Design is my passion and it is my mission to create great design for you.

I've been creating all my life – painting, drawing, designing – it is in my DNA. I'm inspired by the nature around me, colors, books, and patterns and I bring that inspiration into every project. I focus on hand-crafting every detail of your project from multiple icons in your visual brand identity to creating collections of patterns that just make you smile.


So, if you are passionate like me, let's work together.

*  To learn more about my journey as a designer check out my interview on Freelance Wisdom


Core Values



Do good in the world



Advocate being different


Work Ethic

Strive to work passionately



Encourage understanding



Inspire the heart

Amy & Jen, co-founders of Art Cart

“Jen was the ultimate pleasure to work with. She guided us smoothly and professionally through her branding process, and did so in a way that allowed us to feel like we were truly a part of the creative process. By exploring our brand personality and learning the goals we had in mind, she emerged herself in the design process and the outcome was exceptional. We are thrilled with our identity package! And now we feel we have the tools to make our business a successful venture.”


 Jennifer Britz & Amy Vericker

co-founders of Art Cart



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